Diy Chalkboard Tutorial

Hey all. Hope you had an awesome week. I thought I would share a chalkboard tutorial with you all today.

So I’m a frequent flyer at my local Re-store (Lets just say they know me by name and I always have a herd of children with me so I’m pretty easy to spot in a crowd) I love the place like love love,  like I should have had my wedding reception there love Lol. Anyways im in there all the time and the first place i head to before the furniture is always the section where they keep the cabinet doors.  They always have a gold mine of old cabinet doors. I dig through the big stack and pick out my favorite ones to make chalkboards out of. My favorites are the ones with the pulls and hinges still on.

So here is what you will need to make your very own one of a kind chalkboard.

One cabinet door

Chalkboard paint (i use Rust-oleum chalkboard paint in black)

Paint brush or roller

Sand paper

Chalk to season your finished board20171021_155803

Ok so first things first you are going to need clean the door really well and sand it just a bit to get a good tooth for your paint to stick to. After your done make sure to clean off all the dust.  Apply a light coat of the chalkboard paint and let dry. Your going to want to add a few light coats of the chalkboard paint until you get the coverage you want.

I use a paint roller for the main body of the cabinet and a brush to get into the tiny little spots.

After your cabinet is fully dry you lightly rub the chalk all over the board to season it. Lightly dust your door off and your ready to start writing your favorite scripture or your grocery list.


Love these hinges and that pull



I have also done this multiple times on old pictures right over the print.


I look for really pretty frames and this one is totally swoon worthy



If you guys try this at home don’t forget to send me an email with pics of your Diy chalkboards.

I had so much fun bringing this tutorial to you guys and I hope you enjoy it as much as i have.

As always be blessed friends.



Blue Betty Reveal

Hey all,

Just thought I would stop by real quick and let you see how my cute little antique dresser turned out. 20171017_185322

Isn’t she pretty. I love how she turned out. If you haven’t seen the before pics go ahead and look through the picture gallery. If you have questions about how I achieved this look or want to own this dresser or have a piece you want done like it shoot me an email and let me know.

As always be blessed friends.

Diy Glittered Pumpkin Tutorial

Hey all, Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. It was rainy and windy here so it was the perfect time to glitter our pumpkins.

Here is what you will need:

Pumpkins real or fake (I used real)


Mod Podge (I used the matte finish one)

Any color acrylic paint

Paint brushes and foam pouncers

Clear sealer ( I used Rust-oleum clear gloss sealer20171021_165451)

If you are using real pumpkins like we did you will want to make sure to wash and dry them really well so the paint and Mod Podge adhere to it.

I used a small square artist brush to add little circles of acrylic paint all over my pumpkin in random spots. Just keep adding your paint until your happy with the look. 20171021_170411

I then added my Mod Podge using the foam pouncer. I made sure my pouncer had enough on it to coat the surface of it and pressed it onto my pumpkin. Make sure you don’t have too much Mod Podge on there or it will drip all over your pumpkin. Of course if that’s the look your going for then have at it, I wont tell.  Now I sprinkled my glitter on the still wet Mod Podge making sure to fully coat the Mod Podge with glitter and I lightly dusted around it to get the excess off. 20171021_171652

You could also sprinkle the glitter on your wet acrylic paint for added texture and coolness. 20171021_171147

When the paint and Mod Podge are dry you add your sealer. I used the Rust-oleum gloss spray sealer and added two coats. I chose the gloss because I wanted my pumpkins to have a little sheen to them. When your sealer is dry you are ready to display your beautiful pumpkin masterpieces.20171023_173233

Seriously guys this is so easy to do and there is no wrong or right way to do it, just let your creative juices flow and have fun.


This guy didn’t want to glitter his pumpkin. He made a super cool Frankenstein pumpkin instead.


I hope you guys enjoy this easy and fun Diy. Make sure to let me know if you tried it by sending me an email with your pumpkin pics.

As always be blessed friends.



Golden Reflections

Hello friends, how was your weekend?  It was pretty low-key around here this weekend which was so nice. I’m just putting the finishing touches on the little vintage dresser that I’ve lovingly nick named Blue Betty ( Yes we have reconciled and I feel positive about where things are goin). I’ve gilded the new knobs and I just need to add a top coat and she’s ready to go. I wanted a little more of an antique look on the knobs so when I gold leafed them I didn’t smooth out all the little brush strokes and just kind of let them do their thing which resulted in a perfectly imperfect look that I love.

Isn’t it funny the more we try to smooth out all the wrinkles and little imperfections that we see the more frustrated we become and the worse it looks. It’s like that in life too isn’t it? The more we try to be perfect or be what we think others want to see the more frustrated we get and the more we lose ourselves and Gods purpose for us. Friends there’s something so beautiful about letting ourselves be what God intended for us to be.


Huh the things we contemplate while painting furniture, or in my case gilding knobs LOL.



Love, love, love how the knobs turned out.

Now I know I promised my next blog post would be about painting and glittering pumpkins with the kiddos and since this week shouldn’t be so hectic (fingers crossed) that’s exactly what we are going to do.

I hope you guys have a great start to your week ahead and as always be blessed friends.

Weekend Antics

Happy Sunday everyone. We sure had a busy weekend here at our house. A few highlights included breakfast with the fam bam and a trip to the pumpkin patch, followed by an excursion into the Wal-Mart (Lord help me that place was packed). 

So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I’m working on a cute little vintage dresser on wooden casters that I just love. I’m painting it in Behrs Nocturnal Blue and staining the top a dark walnut. What I didn’t take into account was that this dresser has about 850 coats of paint, texture, and varnish on it and that makes the whole staining the top thing a huge pain in the backside.

I started sanding the top and the old stuff was just coming off in sticky clumps and I just wasn’t getting even close to the wood underneath. I decided to use Back to Nature’s Ready Strip because it doesn’t have all the chemicals in it and the smell is very minimal so you can use it inside. I misted the top of the dresser and applied the Ready Strip let it do its thing for an hour or so and started scraping away. I have one word for you….. Blisters. I have blisters all over my hand from scraping and scraping those 8 million coats of devil paint off the top of that dresser. 

There was crying and gnashing of teeth but I finally got to the wood and its going to be awesome, even thou right now I can’t look at the thing without wanting to throw it out the window with my blistered hand. 

I will do a blog post when the dresser is finished. Keep checking in for my next blog post on painted, and glittered pumpkins with the kiddos. 

See you soon and as always Be blessed

New Beginnings

Welcome to Curbside Vintage. I’m so excited you could join me on my painting adventures. My plan for this blog is to talk about painting and everyday life. This is a place you will find Faith, inspiration, encouragement and of course way cool furniture. As I go along I will be adding tutorials, tons of pics and videos. I’m going to be honest and tell you I’m new to all this techy stuff and being a very shy person this is a total culture shock for me so please give me some grace as I go along on this journey. But guys I’m so excited to be on this path as scary and foreign as it is. The Lord said it was time and I sheeply replied are you sure LOL, kinda looking around like me? Your sure you’re talking to me? See I was pretty much content with painting in my little studio and selling my pieces on Facebook or Craigslist whenever I wanted to. Sure there were times I was like ok let’s do this for real stop dragging your heels and do it already, but there was always that part of me that got scared and said No freaking way! I’m not putting myself out there like that are you CRAZY? And that part always won out. One day I was telling Kiran my 14-year-old that if she really wanted to design clothes she would have to stop thinking about all the reasons why she couldn’t or how she could fail and just embrace the talent God gave her and let him guide her in it, It hit me. (Whoa momma take your own advice will ya.) Guys how can we tell our babies they can do and be anything if they are constantly hearing us say the exact opposite about ourselves? Sometimes we just have to take that leap, Let go and let God. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m taking some of my own Momma advice and letting God guide me in this passion and talent he has placed in my heart. Heres to new beginnings and letting go. Blessings friends.